Managing Stress and Frustration

Managing Stress and Frustration

Can you always remain calm under pressure? Do you have the right practices to cope with stress? Are you often feeling overloaded? Are others affected by your stress? Our training helps you maintain your effectiveness, handle stress, and foster a can-do attitude in the middle of stressful environments.

Learning Objectives:
Reduce the negative impact of stress and conflict at work
Learn physical, mental, and psychological techniques to manage stress in proactive ways
Practice easy to apply coping techniques including mindfulness
Employ vocal techniques to sound calm and soothe others in stressful situations

Feel in control when under pressure
Recognize warning signs of stress and take precautionary measures
Learn breathing and relaxation, visualization and physical techniques for reducing stress

Resolving Conflict with Co-Workers and Customers

 Resolving Conflict with Co-Workers
and Customers

Are interpersonal conflicts wasting a lot of your time and energy? Don’t you wish everyone would just get along? Would you like to customers thank you rather than always complain? Our interactive training provides you ways to identify conflict sources, brainstorm resolutions, and handle potential conflicts both internal and external.

Learning Objectives:
Apply easy to use conflict resolution techniques
Increase your confidence in dealing with conflict, confrontation, and stress
Enhance your emotional intelligence, listening, and communication skills

Gain useful communications and mediation skills
Monitor your emotional reactions to difficult situations and behaviors

Exceptional Customer Service: Putting People First

 Exceptional Customer Service:
Putting People First

Does your team get stressed trying to satisfy difficult customers and manage challenging behaviors? Is it struggling with high demands and insufficient resources? In this training, we provide an opportunity to apply the best practices in exceptional customer service.

Learning Objectives:
Handle stressful, highly charged situations
Communicate effectively and positively with diverse customers, internal and external
Anticipate and meet customer needs
Have customers thank you even when you have to say “no”

Cultivate a can-do service attitude
Allow our customers to really love us