Replacing Bias with Belonging in our Workplace

Clearly there is unfinished work in creating equitable workplaces. With our growing awareness of the disproportionate hardships because of this pandemic, it’s crucial to ask ourselves how we can address biases in productive way. How can we build bridges to create cultures of inclusivity and…

Resolving Conflict in Tough Times

Recently, The Consulting Team has been asked to help our clients resolve many conflicts as stress levels rise. Fears for safety, potential staff reduction, transitions, and having to do more work with fewer resources all elevate stress levels. Organizations are seeking to reduce stressors wherever possible. One way is to resolve conflicts quickly. This can be done effectively on-line, with the right…

How to Inspire Your Team Virtually

Dear Friends! Today we have to create innovative ways to communicate virtually. While there are rewards in this virtual world, there are also many distractions. That is why I am finding it even more important to practice deep listening….

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