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April 2020

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Contents of this E-zine:

1. A message from our founder and CEO: Communicate Frequently-
Turn Crisis into Opportunity
2. Complimentary 30-min Training: Managing Crisis and Change
3. Recommended Zoom trainings designed for coping
with the current crisis

A Message
from Marilyn Manning, Ph.D.
and The Consulting Team

Crisis: Where Danger Meets Opportunity

Dear Friends and Clients,

As I was reflecting on our current health and economic world crisis, I found this “Leadership Tips” from January 2009 entitled “Communicate Frequently: Turn Crisis into Opportunities.”

During that recession, anxiety and fear were soaring. Compounded now with physical social isolation, our message in ’09 about encouraging dialog, listening, expressing empathy, and building community seems
even more vital. Here are some of the tips we included
to help quell the
fear, avoid misunderstandings, and build trust.
1. Plan your communications. Note your desired
    outcomes and
outline your talking points prior to a
    meeting or an email.

2. Notice non-verbals in virtual meetings. Your tone,
expressions, and gestures say a lot about your  
    true feelings.

3. Notice others’ non-verbals: lack of eye contact, folded
showing other distractions.
4. Keep positive, respectful, and constructive. Instant
and emails can be quickly misinterpreted.
    Avoid judgments and
5. Seek others’ feedback on how you are communicating
    and thank
them for being open; avoid defending or

Thanks to all of you who attended our first free training on March 30.
We are scheduling additional free 30-minute relevant, interactive Zoom trainings. These will give you tools to
help reduce your stress and
identify opportunities during this crisis.

In gratitude,
Marilyn and The Consulting Team

Our new Online Trainings for

Stability and Productivity:   90 Minutes  –  3 Hours

Managing People Virtually and/or Face-to-Face in Challenging Times
The challenges you face as a manager are intensified during a stress-filled time. This session will teach you how to solve problems collaboratively, even with staff working at home. You will learn a technique called RASA listening, which works in person and remotely and get practice using Appreciative Inquiry, a method for engaging teams and collaboratively problem-solving by building from strengths
and opportunities.

Managing Crisis and Change: Surviving in a State of Flux
In a time of crisis, it is especially critical to understand the process we are in and to navigate the territory well for ourselves, our coworkers and families. This session will provide the tools you need for moving through change and self-care so you can proactively navigate and land smoothly in a new reality by using the stages of processing
trauma to know where you are and what’s next.

Applying Emotional Intelligence in a Time of Stress and Uncertainty
During times of uncertainty people look to managers to provide clarity that will enable them to deal with chaos, overcome challenges, and achieve shared goals. Emotional Intelligence equips managers to recognize their own and others’ behaviors and make choices to improve
workplace performance and productivity. This session will provide you with easy to implement tools you can apply immediately.

Think on Your Feet: How to Think, Speak and Act in the Moment in Person and Virtually
Would you like to be able to think, speak and act in rapidly
unfolding situations when the best-laid plans get thrown to the wind? In times of turmoil, transition or stress, many professionals are decisive, confident and creative…until the moment they must improvise. Learn to be brilliant in the moment.

Facilitating Effective Online Meetings
Learn techniques for effectively facilitating online meetings and keeping direct reports engaged to maintain productivity and unity while sheltering in place. Discover techniques for generating more buy-in, energy, collaboration and results, from planning to facilitating to evaluating your meetings. Leverage online tools including polling, whiteboards, breakout rooms and techniques to maintain focus and
interest while sheltering-in-place.

For information on outlines and scheduling contact Marilyn Manning

Please join us for this free 30-minute Zoom session,
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Monday, April 13, 11:00-11:30 am Pacific.
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In times of crisis and change: Find the opportunity amid the danger

FREE: Managing Crisis and Change
Surviving in a State of Flux
Understand strategic thinking, the transition, and the change curve:
• Overcome denial
• Overcome resistance
• Engage others to explore
• Reward commitment and acceptance

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