Trainings and Workshops

Our trainings are a result of many years of experience. Each time they are tailored to meet the special needs of the audience. And at the end of each session, attendees are asked to complete a written training evaluation of both the training and the instructor. As a result of this feedback the trainings are constantly improved. And The Consulting Team is a professional learning community, providing feedback to each other.

Our content is continually updated and enhanced. We teach skills to identify conflict sources, brainstorm resolutions, and handle potential conflicts. We also include listening tips and practice, conflict resolution models, behavioral agreements, and communication best practices. Through the use of active learning, such as exercises and role play in our trainings, our clients practice engaging in conversations that tackle and tame disruptive behaviors and situations in and around their workgroups. Exercises also provide opportunities for networking and team building. Outcomes are identified for each training, which is designed for different types of learners, offering a mix of lecture, exercise and visuals.


Managing Change: Overcome Resistance and Get Buy-in
Enhancing Your Executive Presence
Crash Course for Supervisors
Management 101: Leadership Best Practices
Managing Multiple Generations
Coaching: How to Motivate and Develop Potential
Collaboration Tools for Leaders and Project Managers
Launching Effective Projects

Emotional Intelligence: What It Is and How to Increase  Yours
Using DiSC® Communication Styles to Create Rapport and Influence
Resolving Conflict Caused by Difficult Behaviors
Ask, Listen, and Influence: Develop Inquiry and Listening Skills
Credibility: How to Earn It and Keep It
Building and Cultivating Trust as a Leader, Manager, or Staff Member
Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback

Team Building
Working Across Teams: Divisions, Departments, Other Agencies
Building Great Teams
Critical Conversations
Problem-Solving Using Your Team’s Strengths
Getting Your Team to Work Well Together

Customer Service
Exceptional Customer Service: Putting People First
Resolving Conflicts with Co-Workers and Customers
Managing Multiple Demands, Time, and Priorities
Managing Stress and Frustration

Business Writing and Presentations
Better Business Writing: From Emails to Staff Reports
Presentation and Influencing Skills
Develop Your Ability to Think, Speak, and Act In the Moment
Facilitation and Meeting Management Skills
Meetings Made Fun and Easy